Best Hair Color in Pakistan
Best Hair Color in Pakistan
Best Hair Color in Pakistan

NoMor Grey Hair Color (Professional Pack)

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Soft Touch NoMor Grey is synthetic color (Non-metallic) that covers 100% of your grey hair and will not stain skin. It has a unique synthetic creamy formula, with a conditioner enriched with 3 nutritive ingredients: olive oil, vitamin E, and ACP – complex, deeply nourishes and soften the hairs.

Golden Girl Soft Touch is the best hair dye brand in Pakistan both for men and ladies for a youthful look. NoMor Grey natural hair colors in Pakistan are available in 18 distinct shades. Try a new look rather than an old traditional look with 18 multiple shades. It is the best hair dye brand in Pakistan that has the power of natural hair beauty and your hair looks stronger and healthier. Soft Touch NoMor, a professional pack, is recommended for both men and women.


Use plastic gloves and cover shoulders with a towel or a cape.

Pour the required amount of hair color developer and cream hair color into a non-metallic bowl.

Mix the contents well using a non-metallic application brush until the mixture is creamy and homogeneous.

Using a comb, divide hair into small sections and begin applying a product with a brush from roots to the ends.

After applying, massage it gently until your hair is completely covered with dye. Allow for development time and rinse thoroughly. Shampoo if necessary. Apply Hina Hair Grooming Mask.

Precautions: In case of contact with eyes immediately rinse the product off with plenty of water.

Do not apply to irritated skin.