Best shampoo for dry hair in Pakistan
Best shampoo for dry hair in Pakistan

Melon Shampoo 200ml

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Golden Girl Soft Touch is the famous shampoo brand in Pakistan. Soft Touch offers economical shampoo prices in Pakistan for its consumers. All shampoos are suitable and ideal for both men and women.

Soft Touch Melon Shampoo is specifically formulated for dry and damaged hair which is a common problem for everyone. Melon is known as nature's richest source of moisture and has a delicate fragrance It hydrates and nourishes from within and leaves your hair manageable and healthy. The hair feels luxuriously soft and silky, with radiant shine.

Buy Soft Touch Melon shampoo online in Pakistan as it is known to be the best shampoo for dry hair in Pakistan.

Product Weight: 200ml

Storage Instruction: Keep in a cool and dry place.

Package: Bottle

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